All Entertainment Apps Available Without A Gold Account On Xbox Live April 19-23

If you are unsure if the extra features that come with an Xbox Live Gold account are for you, April 19th through the 23rd is the time to find out. On these dates, all the entertainment apps that are normally restricted to Gold account holders will be available to anyone with an Xbox 360 and an Internet connection. As an Xbox Live Gold subscriber for years, I can say that many of the apps offered are awesome, and are certainly worth checking out while they are free.

In addition to all the apps being accessible for free on Microsoft’s end, Hulu Plus, Netflix and Epix are offering free trials to coincide with Microsoft’s promotion. If you have been on the fence about signing up for any of these services, try them. You will be able to check them out without paying the individual services and without having to open your wallet to Microsoft.

Of course, Microsoft is hoping that offering these services for free will coax you into signing up for a Gold account for the long haul. But even if you have no interest in paying, accessing Hulu Plus, Netflix, Epix, ESPN, TMZ, SyFy and more for a few days is an awesome deal

Apps available vary by region. Check out this page from to find out which apps are available where you live.

Source: TheNextWeb

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