Official Google Drive Offers 5GB of Free Storage, Launches Next Week

We’ll try to avoid throwing around the term ‘Dropbox killer’ to describe Google’s upcoming Google Drive service, which according to leaked information on the Internet is slated to launch next week, perhaps as early as Tuesday. Google Drive, even if it’s awesome, probably won’t decimate Dropbox unless Dropbox stands pat, but it will debut with more than twice as much free storage space.

According to a draft release obtained by The Next Web from a partner of Google, the Google Drive service will launch with 5GB of free storage for everyone. For the sake of comparison, Dropbox offers 2GB of free storage space by default, though it’s possible to increase that amount up to 16GB by referring others (up to 23GB for HTC phone and tablet owners).

Google Drive will allow you to access synced files across a number of devices from any place where there’s an Internet connection. That means you can type up a document at work on your desktop and make edits to it at home on your laptop or tablet PC. Standard fare stuff for cloud based storage services.

Like Dropbox, you’ll be able to purchase additional storage space, though no information was provided regarding pricing. About the only other thing we do know is that the service will launch at

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